Ready to become a key part of the upper crust of pizza? Great! 

Franchise Opportunities

The Firecrust Appeal

Firecrust Custom Salads and Pizzas is changing people’s perception of pizzas and salads. Firecrust is taking pizzas and salads to the next level by inviting the customer to make their own delicious creations from over 30 premium ingredients.  

From house made Mozzarella and San Marzano tomatoes, to fresh greens and vegan Italian Field Sausage, Firecrust has everything to fit your lifestyle, as well as your cravings.

Firecrust Value.  Firecrust Quality

Firecrust serves up a fresh new take on an old classic and believes in providing quality, delicious and affordable food. 

A quick paced, young, fun atmosphere and age-old pizza making practices are just a few of the things that allow the customer to not only enjoy the food they are eating, but the environment they are in.

The Firecrust Facts

Firecrust currently has 4 locations, more specifically, in Lloydminster, Grande Prairie, Langley and downtown Vancouver, with plans to open multiple locations across Canada in 2018.

Our small operational footprint (1300 sq. feet – 1800 sq. feet), no chef required and excellent working hours, is ideal for franchisees of all experience levels.

Beyond the food, Firecrust prides itself on having an infectiously enthusiastic working and dining environment as well as a customer focused mentality. The customer experience, more specifically, the employee to customer relationship, is at the forefront of the Firecrust Model.  When the relationship is strong, the experience for the customer will be a success.

Firecrust Systems and Support

At Firecrust, we believe in building strong relations with our franchisees, just as much as our valued customers.  It is important to us to ensure that each franchisee is supported and provided with every opportunity to succeed in their business endeavours.

The franchisee has the direct benefit of having a highly experienced executive team standing behind them every step of the way.   Their industry knowledge and connections are a direct benefit to all franchisees from point of store construction to daily operations.

Included in the operations staff are hands-on area managers and a marketing staff to assist in promoting and ensuring the franchisee has all they require to achieve success.

Firecrust is pleased to offer an initial 6-week training program, as well as ongoing and extensive training to ensure up to date, well rounded cooking, product and systems knowledge.

Become a Franchise Partner with us and taste pizzas and salads as they should be.

Single and multi-unit franchises are presently available in a variety of markets across North America.

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