Enjoy salads + pizzas as they should be.

Inspired by authentic pizzerias in Naples, Firecrust is keeping true to Neapolitan pizza’s origins by providing products that focus on simplicity, freshness and contain high quality ingredients.

We differentiate ourselves from other Neapolitan pizza restaurants, who charge a high price to capitalize on the unique ingredients and cooking processes involved, by focusing on the quality of the ingredients and ensuring that our products are affordable for everyone.

With over 350 possible combinations, you can customise our Neapolitan pizzas and salads to your heart’s desire, all for one fixed price. Even if you decide to keep it simple however, you’ll not be disappointed as all our Neapolitan pizza bases are made with non-GMO 00 flour and our tomato base is made from Italian tomato sauce.

As a member of the Box Concepts Food Group, Firecrust Custom Salads + Pizzas brings with it extensive franchising and restaurant industry experience. We currently have five locations open or under construction, with plans to expand nationally across Canada.

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